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Representative Cases

Recently I've mediated disputes between: an employee claiming pregnancy discrimination against an airline; a life insurance policy holder and the insurance company; a dispute over a change in control;  members of a putative class action and a major retailer concerning alleged FACTA violations; members of a patent pool LLC; a garment supplier and wholesaler; a commercial tenant and its landlord;  a terminated employee alleging sexual harassment and retaliation against a major hospital; fraud alleged in the sale of a dental practice; members of a start-up in the cosmetics/skincare field; members of a closely-held family business; owners of a pharmaceutical company following an asset sale; co-owners of a yoga studio; a dispute concerning an alleged oral agreement to co-own certain intellectual property;  a dispute between a homeowner and his insurance company involving alleged methane contamination and late notice of the cliam;a dispute between partners over termination of an employee at an executive search firm; a dispute over termination of a distributorship agreement involving a Fortune 1000 liquor producer; a dispute over failure to pay an arbitration award; a prevailing wage dispute; a dispute between a Chinese supplier and American distributor in the bath accessories industry (the mediation was conducted entirely by telephone over a two-week period; it worked!); multi-million dispute between a supplier and distributor in the pharmaceutical industry; a multi-party dispute involving multi-million dollar fraud and fraudulent conveyance allegations; a sexual harassment/hostile work environment case; a dispute between a corporation in the hospitality industry and an individual claiming to be an equal shareholder; a large dispute over insurance coverage involving a university; a false arrest case; a dispute between a distributor and a wholesaler in the beverage industry; a disability discrimination case; a dispute between partners in a hotel; a dispute between a major manufacturer and distributor in the toy industry, a dispute between a parent and subsidiary in the information technology industry seeking to separate from each other,  a dispute between the members of a professional partnership, a dispute concerning termination of an exclusive representative in the telecommunications industry, and a dispute between two mediators!

Recent arbitrations have involved a force majeure clause in a licensing agreement invoked during the pandemic; alleged discrimination based on political activity; whether a broker had an exclusive right to sell debt securities; the removal of a physician from an LLC; alleged breaches of fiduciary duty between partners in a restaurant; statute of limitations in a dispute between a hospital and insurance carrier; alleged minimum wage violations in the fast food delivery industry; alleged violations of a noncompete agreement; executive compensation owed to a terminated hedge fund manager; bonus compensation sought by an executive fired by a major apparel retailer; a shareholders' dispute concerning website development; disputed royalties under a patent license agreement in the media industry; alleged breaches of a licensing agreement in the apparel industry;  alleged wrongful termination of a licensing agreement in the women's accessories industry; alleged breach of a consulting agreement; a liability insurance coverage dispute; dissolution of an information technology close corporation; a noncompete agreement; alleged wrongful termination in the financial services industry; liability for a failed alternative investment; deferred compensation owed to a physician departing from a professional corporation; and the functionality of computer software in the healthcare industry.

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